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Your Song On-Air from March 2nd!

Your Song On-Air from March 2nd!

Your Song On-Air from March 2nd!

Finally! Your Song videos will be on air from March 2nd!

Make sure to check the YouTube page!

You can still apply to this exciting project! Click [HERE] to submit your lyrics!

Until now, we have mainly had the artist (music industry/writers) send their message in to the world through song. But there are so many moving stories & messages laying dormant that are yet to be heard. So this time Sayulee wants to pioneer in sharing YOUR story (the audience) with the world!

Your Song is participatory music creation with the audience, where Sayulee will create music to YOUR lyrics and share it with the world. “But I’m not a lyricist or a musician?! I’ve never written any songs before!” you may say…. Don’t worry! That is the whole point, making it fun and fresh! Sayulee will guide you through the creation of your lyrics (if you are selected) then Sayulee will put a melody to your lyrics. The completed ‘Your Song’ will be made in to a music video that will be shared on You Tube.

Your Song videos will be uploaded weekly on Sayulee’s You Tube channel for 6 months starting from March 2015. Subscribe to stay tuned with the Your Song challenge!

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