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My Love with Romaji & English Translation

My Love with Romaji & English Translation

Anata wo shinji te anata ni sasage ta watashi no omoi
あなたを信じてあなたに捧げた 私の想い
I gave you my heart and I gave you my trust

Toki ni tsutawara nakute toki ni kizutsuke te
Sometimes my feeling didn’t get through to you and sometimes hurt you

Komarase ta itsu mo
困らせた いつも
I often troubled you didn’t I? …

Chikaku ni iru to tooku kanji tooku ni iru to chikaku kanjiru
近くにいると遠く感じ 遠くにいると近く感じる
I feel far when we’re close I feel close when we’re far

Kokoro no pasupooto itsumo mochiaruki otagai no kokoro wo yukiki suru
心のパスポート いつも持ち歩きお互いの心を行き来する
The passport to the heart We always carry so we can go back and forth between each other’s hearts

Konomama zutto issho ni ite iino?
Am I really the one to stay with you forever?

Anata wo motto raku ni sasete agetai
I just wish I could make things easier for you

Itsude mo zutto egao wo misetai no ni
I always want to have a smile around you

Konna watashi de ii no?
But are you sure it’s me?

Gamen no mukou de waratteru anata kitto tsurai no ni
画面の向こうで笑ってるあなた きっと辛いのに
You’re laughing behind that screen, though you must be struggling

Omoni wa hanbun ni wakeaoutte yakusoku shita no ni
重荷は半分に分け合おうって 約束したのに
Even though we promised that we’ll share the burden together

Doushite darou amaete bakari higeki no hiroin enjiteta
どうしてだろう甘えてばかり 悲劇のヒロイン演じてた
For some reason, I keep leaning on you, playing the victim

Kokoro no pasupooto itsumo hanasazu ni anata ga iru basho e tonde yuku
心のパスポート いつも離さずあなたがいる場所へ飛んで行く
The passport to the heart I never let go, so I can fly over to you anytime

Konomama zutto issho ni ite iino?
Am I really the one to stay with you forever?

Anata wo motto shiawase ni shitai no
I just want you to be happier

Itsude mo zutto kokoro kara waraeru you ni
And always be able to laugh from your heart

Zutto watashi de iino?
Are you sure it’s me forever?

I believe you do you believe me?
And I miss you do you miss me?
If you are happy then I’m happy
Are you happy? Are you..?

Imayori motto akarui mirai yumemite zutto shinjitai
今よりもっと明るい未来 夢見てずっと信じたい
A brighter future than now, I want to keep dreaming and believing for it

Korekara zutto watashi de iinara
If I’m the one for you

Itsudemo zutto soba ni isasete
Then let me always be by your side

Korekara zutto issho ni itai no
I want to be with you forever

Donna toki mo shinjiaere ba ii
We just need to trust each other always that’s all

Itsude mo zutto egao de iyou
Let’s always be smiling together

You’re my love donna took demo zutto
You’re my love どんな時でもずっと
You’re my love, No matter when, forever

Invisible future, eternal love for you
Invisible future
Our love forever
Our love forever