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Your Song

■ABOUT Your Song■

What is Your Song?
Until now, we have mainly had the artist (music industry/writers) send their message in to the world through song. But there are so many moving stories & messages laying dormant that are yet to be heard.  So this time Sayulee wants to pioneer in sharing  YOUR story (the audience) with the world!
Your Song is participatory music creation with the audience, where Sayulee will create music to YOUR lyrics and share it with the world. “But I’m not a lyricist or a musician?! I’ve never written any songs before!” you may say…. Don’t worry! That is the whole point, making it fun and fresh! Sayulee will guide you through the creation of your lyrics (if you are selected) then Sayulee will put a melody to your lyrics.
The completed ‘Your Song’ will be made in to a music video that will be shared on You Tube.
We will also share another video to introduce the Story behind Your Song. So we would like to interview you about your Story if you are selected also.
*If you want to remain anonymous, that is no problem at all. We can use some other materials that can be used for the video (such as pictures/letters/voice message).
Those interesting stories selected will become songs and broadcasted to the world.
The lyrics may need to be changed in order to work in with the melody, but your words/message will remain as they are, as much as possible.


Your Song videos will be uploaded weekly on  Sayulee’s You Tube channel for 6 months starting from March 2015.
We will make 2 videos for each ‘Your Song’ episode.12 songs in total. 24 videos. *Video content
Video 1) Your Song MV・・・ Sayulee performs ‘Your Song’ 
Video 2) Your Song Story ・・・ Video sharing the story and back ground of the song
E.g.) “I made this song to encourage my father in hospital” .  It will be like a documentary video including an interview with you.




Step 1

Fill in and send application form
(currently accepting applications)

Step 2

Your Song Team will contact you directly if you are selected! 

Step 3

We will ask you further details about the lyrics and the story behind them. 

Step 4

Lyrics will be fine tuned and music written to the lyrics 

Step 5

YouTube video interview shoot
(Please be involved as much as possible depending on your location)

Step 6

 Your Song MV & Story
ON AIR @YouTube!! 


Q) I don't want my name or face to be known…

A) Of course we can use a nickname on video, change your voice, or hide your face through video effects. You can remain as anonymous as you like.

Q) I've never written lyrics before / I'm not a professional writer...

A) Do you have an interesting story? A message? Then that’s ok! It doesn’t always have to be “lyrics” as such.
You can just write your story in detail, brainstorm phrases and ideas,  and Sayulee can compile them in to lyrics also.
But please DO try to be as creative as possible in this process and be genuine.

Q) I've never heard anything since I applied...

A) Due to the large numbers of application to filter through, we will only contact those who have actually been chosen.
We are not able to tell you if/when you will hear from us. But please do remain patient and enjoy the Your Song project in the mean time!

Q) Can I apply twice(or more)?

A) You can apply as many times as you like!

Q) I'm not living in Japan...can I still apply to this?

A) Yes, as long as you agree with the conditions listed on the terms of conditions. The interviewing process will become difficult, so if you are selected, we may need you to send us video footage of your self answering the interview questions.
Or anything else that will help with the Your Song Story video.

Q) Does it have to be in Japanese?

A) With the majority of Sayulee’s audience being Japanese, Japanese would be ideal but English is fine too. Any other language, Sayulee will not be able to read it so please stick to either English or Japanese. You can always mix up both English and Japanese too if you are bilingual.


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Your Song Terms of Use
(English follows after Japanese)

この規約は、「Your Songプロジェクト」に歌詞・ストーリーを投稿して頂く方(以下、投稿者といいます)の投稿にあたっての利用条件を定めるものです。
個人情報保護に関する情報は、「Your Song プロジェクトにおける個人情報保護について」をご覧ください。





You Tube上で放送する際、およびCDリリースする際に、詞の内容についてご本人への事前の案内の上、修正・変更・追加・共作等のご相談をさせて頂く場合がございます。

採用された詞の著作権の取り扱い及び印税についての詳細は、WEAV Musicと協議の上決定する。管理業者は当方が定めた業者に委ねる。

「Your Song」プロジェクト応募に際し、投稿者が次の各号の行為を行うことを禁止します。これらの投稿をした場合、法的責任が発生する場合がございますのでご注意ください。
1. 法令または本規約に違反すること
2. 第三者がインターネット上にアップロードした投稿をはじめとする、第三者の著作権、知的財産権、プライバシー等の権利を侵害する投稿
3. 第三者を誹謗中傷する投稿
4. その他公序良俗に反する表現
5. 有害なコンピュータープログラム、メール等を送信したり投稿したりすること、その他本サイトに有害な影響を与える投稿、本サイトの安全性を脅かす投稿
6. 本サイトのサーバーその他コンピュータに不正にアクセスすること

投稿者からお預かりした個人情報は、「Your Song プロジェクトにおける個人情報保護について」に従い、適切に取り扱います。また、用途終了後、破棄いたします。


特定の投稿者が次の各号に該当すると判断した場合には、事前に通知することなく当該投稿者による投稿を受け付けないことができるものとします。この場合、投稿者に何らかの損害が生じたとしても、WEAV Musicは一切責任を負わないものとします。
3.その他WEAV Musicが不適当と判断した場合

WEAV Musicは、本規約を任意に改定できるものとし、改定後の本規約をこのサイトに提示した時にその効力が生じるものとします。この場合、投稿者は、改定後の規約に従うものとします。



Your Song Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Your Song.
Due to the popular demand, applications are extended to those living outside of Japan, however, due to legal differences, countries outside of Japan will need to adhere to different terms of agreement.

If you are living outside of Japan, submissions to Your Song are subject to the following:
- All rights to the lyrics/ideas submitted to Your Song will belong to WEAV Music (Your Song team).
- You will not retain ownership or claim to any percentage or be attributed any royalties from works developed directly or indirectly from your lyrics/ideas.
- You agree to participate in interviews (written or verbal), submit materials (audio, video, photos etc) as is reasonably possible, to participate and cooperate in the Your Song Story making process.

January 30th, 2015

I agree to the terms and conditions.

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